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Loving Liberia – About the Ministry

Meet Perry Smith, a man on a mission, Perry was blessed with a godly grandmother, much like Timothy in the first century. She knew that the hand of God was on her grandson. Late one evening, in his sleep, the Lord took Perry back to their little, humble home

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Sunday School in Monrovia

180 Children came to Sunday School https://youtu.be/AWRhY2f9BhA With the start of the school year in Liberia, Perry Geevon Smith’s schools started hosting Sunday school to teach children the Gospel.  December 5, 2021 was the first Sunday school session in Monrovia, and 126 school children showed up along with 54

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Loving Liberia: Chattanooga News Channel 3

Loving Liberia – Chattanooga News Channel 3 Perry Smith and Pastor Russell Hildebrandt spoke with Chattanooga News 3 about Loving Liberia in a recent interview.  Perry underscored the importance of education for children in Liberia, and its power as an element of change in the nation.  Click below to

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Loving Liberia: Chattanooga News Channel 9

Pastor Russell Hildebrandt was recently featured on Good Morning Chattanooga to share about the work Loving Liberia is doing. Check out the video here! Did you know? It only takes $30 a month to sponsor a Liberian child’s education. Such a small cost can have life-changing implications, not only

Helping Others

Helping Others

You are more than a school though, you’re a social organization as well. I heard a story about a lady who died, and you helped pay for the funeral?

Monrovia School

Monrovia School

I have a big plan for Monrovia because where are now in Jacob Town, in the very poor community we are renting, in the very first 5 years, it cost us 6,000 USD

Perry Smith Growing Up in Liberia

Perry Smith: Growing Up

We are blessed to speak with Perry Geevon Smith today, and it's really great to be with you, Perry, as you are the founder of two Lutheran Schools in Liberia, one in your own hometown of River Cess and the other in the capital of Monrovia.