Christian Youth: Hope of the Nation

Flag of Liberia
Flag of Liberia

Liberia is a young nation. The population of the country is reported at 5 million as of July 2020 and over 50 percent of that number are children. The vast majority are born into abject poverty.

It is one of the poorest countries in the world, 83.8 percent of Liberia’s population live below the poverty line ($1.25 per day) and 94 percent of workers are poor (living on less than $2 per day). About 64 percent of the population are barely existing on less than a dollar a day.

Population Lives Below the Poverty Line
0 %
Liberia's Workers are Poor
0 %
Exist on Less than a Dollar a Day
0 %

Liberia Age Breakdown (2018)

Under 15
85 & Over

Statistics can be cold and impersonal but not to Perry Geevon Smith. Born in Liberia, he was able to immigrate to America, received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in criminal justice and lives with a dedicated passion to establish a promising, educated, Christian future for the children and families transformation of Liberia. He has dedicated his life and resources to co-labor with God through establishing schools and providing a safe Christian education atmosphere.

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Christian Education is an investment in the lives of children that will forever change their eternal destiny and their country. Please consider prayerfully being a partner in this ministry.

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Jesus said, “Let the children come to me.”
Bendu Goweh in a green and yellow top

The mission of Perry Geevon Smith’s schools is to provide learning today to build a better tomorrow in Liberia.  Through access to education, children just like the one above are becoming leaders for Liberia’s next generation.  The education provided is free to all students, and the funds that support this effort come from generous individuals like yourself.  Please consider supporting a child – you will not just be changing their life, but the future of an entire nation.

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