Meet Perry Smith, a man on a mission, Perry was blessed with a godly grandmother, much like Timothy in the first century. She knew that the hand of God was on her grandson. Late one evening, in his sleep, the Lord took Perry back to their little, humble home in Gaye Zahn Town, Liberia. There, his grandmother shared a vision with him that she had received from the Lord. The vision was to start a school complete with a proven curriculum and attractive school uniforms that would inspire other children to become part of a loving, Christian school. Perry received witness in his heart from the Holy Spirit that this was an assignment directly from the Lord, an assignment he eagerly accepted. He wasted no time before he would begin to see, with his physical eyes, what his grandmother had seen by faith. Perry was willing to use all of his resources to open the Perry Geevon Smith Lutheran Mission School. And so, on December 31st 2003, in Arlington,Texas, at Grace Lutheran Church, a ministry was birthed. On September 10 2010, just a few years later, the first Perry Geevon Smith Lutheran Mission School was officially established in Gaye Zahn Town, River Cess, Liberia, opening its doors in December, 2010. Then later, another school was started in 2016, in the capital city of Monrovia. The school’s aim for children to be educated in Lutheran doctrine, knowing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, finally came to fruition in Liberia. Today, there are nearly 200 beautiful, eager, Liberian children meeting, eating, learning, and playing together in humble, yet safe environments. They are being trained to fill their hearts with faith, their minds with reasoning skills and quality education, and their spirits with godly values. National leaders are even beginning to take note. These children truly learning today to build a better tomorrow, for themselves, their families, their nation, and the world.

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